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Benefits of Joining the Junior Rowing Program

Big Picture Exposure

Rowing presents a big picture of the world as youth compete nationally and regattas are attended by high school, collegiate, and masters teams.

Strong Work Ethic

Rowing encourages a positive outlook as youth constantly break their own records and advance as rowers.

College Connections

Rowing is a great means for assistance with college scholarships and admissions.

Relational Growth

Most importantly, rowing teaches relationship skills as youth learn to be dependable and depend on others in a respectful environment.

Give Back To Your Community

We are changing lives and would love your help.

Mon Valley Rowing Club

“When life was a mess, rowing gave it order. I worked out my anxieties on that oar; my pain and anger at God, loneliness, my frustrations with school work, relationships and finances. They all condensed into big swirling vortexes off the end of the oar, puddles that gently swirled into the ether and were lost to sight behind me.”

-Nathanael Stevens, Mon Valley Rowing Club President

Mon Valley Rowing Club

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